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Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More

Sometimes leadership is just about creating an open-space and getting out-of-the-way. I love using Open-Space Technology with a large group to generate ideas. It’s an amazing, high-energy, low-cost way to hold a powerful meeting. Participants essentially create their own agenda and self-organize […]

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Labor Day Reflections: A Saturday Salutation

Labor Day was first organized in 1882 by labor unions as a celebration of the contributions of working class Americans. Although not a big union supporter, Grover Cleveland formalized it as a National Holiday in 1894. There is some good background here […]

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Leadership Magic: Key Actions That Inspire Results

“What’s your leadership magic?” That’s my favorite question to ask really successful front line leaders. Clearly something is working for these folks, and I am always thirsty to understand just what. If you are a leader growing leaders, it’s a great question […]

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What's Next? One Big Thing (Book Review)

What’s next? What are you born to do? What is your calling? A vital topic for me and for those I lead. Phil Cooke contributes well to this conversation with his book, The One Big Thing. “It’s tough not to notice a […]

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Saturday Salutation: Spirited Warrior

I first really met this spirited warrior, Matt on a (yoga) Mat. Our arms and spirits intertwined as we breathed through warrior poses. That was when I began to understand his powerful and joyful heart and spirit. Oh sure, we had been […]

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