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Padawan Picnic: Let's Grow Leadership in Kids

There are surprisingly few tools and discussion forums available on leadership for kids. I continue to get requests through my various social media forums. I am not an expert, but I see grown-ups showing up with gaps and blind spots that could […]

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Give the Guy a Brake: The Power to Stop

Give The Guy a Brake: The Power to Stop

So you’ve got everything rolling on all cylinders. The right people, all on the proverbial right bus, all moving in the right direction. Excellent. You’re a motivational leader with a strong vision, inspiring the team toward unprecedented results. This team is fired […]

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The 3 Gifts: Grateful for Growing

They say “feedback is a gift,” but much of the time it does not feel that way. So, what was different this time? It was a cool, crisp night. The warmth of the make-shift spotlight was both frightening and friendly as I […]

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