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How to Change the Climate

Climate matters in crowds, in teams, in organizations. Does one person have the power to shift the climate from fun to frustrating? Can another person change it back? What can you do? It’s Cold? We were bundled up in our coats and […]

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12 Turnaround Tactics

Turnaround situations offer a great opportunity to lead. I had one mentor whose tongue in cheek advice was, when considering taking a new job “always look for the one where the guy before you was an idiot.” I get most excited when […]

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Development Deluge: Are You Working Too Hard?

Bob (not his real name) pulled me aside after the meeting. Another subscriber told me, “I’m going to have to stop reading your blog, it’s getting too expensive” “Huh?… ummm… the blog is completely free,” I reminded her. “Yes, but I’ve gone […]

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Grateful Gone Missing? In Search of Gratitude

This month many folks I know are participating in the Facebook Daily Gratitude Challenge. They are posting “something for which they are truly grateful” each day. My friend Lisa wrote, “I am grateful for gratitude.” Ah, I thought, now that is something to consider. […]

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