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Is Tom Sawyer Slowing You Down?

I recently went to see my sister and her family in a fantastic performance of Big River, the musical based on Huckleberry Finn performed by the Adams County School of Musical Theater in Gettysburg, PA. I was struck by the scene where […]

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What Dad Doesn’t Say

The Dad Conversation Continues Thanks to all who contributed to my last post Dad Says: Best Advice from Your Dads. For those who read closely, you may have noticed that I did not share any advice from my father. Why? Because he swears […]

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Dad Says: Best Advice From YOUR Dads

In the spirit of Fathers Day, my son Ben (17) and I set out to collect as much fatherly advice as we could in a week. We asked everyone we knew or ran into friends, work, school, church, airports, restaurants, and random […]

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Listen Well: Better Get a Bucket

I believe that after integrity, listening is the second most important leadership skill. And it is also one of the most difficult. Listening well is hard.Listening well, consistently, is even harder. Lately, I have been paying more attention to what is happening […]

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Beginning With Questions

Beginning well is an art. Taking a deliberate approach to how we start something new, can lay the groundwork for future success. Firefighters Beginning Well Last night I had fish tacos with about 20 firefighters. Well, not actually real firefighters– yet, that […]

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The Turnaround Factor: Digging Deeper

One of the most important leadership lessons of my life happened 5 minutes after I stepped off that stage. I’d been giving awards on my massive “road trip,” a 27 states in 45 day kind of tour of motivational kick off meetings in Verizon Wireless’ […]

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