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Building a High-Performance Team: A Frontline Festival

Building a High-Performance Team: A Frontline Festival

by | Apr 18, 2019 | By Karin Hurt and David Dye, Frontline Festival, Winning Well

Welcome to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival!  This month, our contributors share their thoughts about building a high performance team. We’ve expanded the Frontline Festival to include other formats such as podcasts and artwork and are always looking for new thought leaders to join the party.  Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic and to all our contributors!

The May Frontline Festival will be about decision making and problem solving.  Won’t you join us?  Send us your submissions here!

Now, on to the April Festival!

Defining a High-Performance Team

S. Chris Edmonds of Driving Results through Culture gives us a three-minute #cultureleadershipcharge video with Build Your “A” Team. If you have a team that performs well, solves problems proactively, and treats everyone with respect in daily interactions, that’s an ‘A’ team. It doesn’t always work that way. Chris describes how to hold people accountable for both results and respect. Follow Chris.


Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership gives us Four Things You Should Know about Great Work Teams. Most of us do most of our work in teams. Here are four important things you should know that make a core work team effective. Follow Wally.

When it comes to providing for professional development for a team, Wally says, “Development happens naturally if you encourage people to indulge their curiosity.”


Nate Regier of Next Element Consulting asks, What is the Secret to High-Performing Teams? It’s not the content, but the process of how you are doing it that matters. See what the research shows. Follow Nate.

Nate’s team dedicates time every week to journal about their team dynamics, goals and aspirations. They spend time doing team-building and practicing the communication and conflict tools they teach, as well as share and discuss articles and books.


Sara Saddington of Thin Difference provides Defining Values: Creating Inclusive Spaces for All Generations. One way to build a high-performance team is to ensure every member of the team is comfortable. In order to create inclusive work spaces for all generations we must abandon lazy assumptions and recognize the importance of defining our core values. Follow Sarah.


Shelley RowShelley Row of Shelley Row Associates shares A Mid-Air Emergency: Five Characteristics of High Performing Teams. Sometimes teams have to deal with life and death situations. In this poignant piece, Shelley shares her observations of how a high-performing team handled a medical emergency on a flight. Follow Shelley.


Building Your High-Performance Team

Carey Balzer of MARION Marketing Agency offers How to Hire a Marketing Manager or Executive. The role of a marketer has drastically evolved over the past decade. Hiring marketing managers that are up-to-date and effective at people management has become more difficult than ever. This guide reveals the qualities of a good marketer and helps you learn how to hire a marketing manager, executive, or even just a capable marketing specialist. Follow Carey

Carey provides for his team’s professional development by allocating at least two hours of training per month for all employees. This is guided by goals that every employee establishes with their manager, and is based on both interest and company need. So far, this policy has resulted in employees cross-training in video production, valuable marketing certifications, and more!


Sean GlazeSean Glaze of Great Results Teambuilding asks, Have YOU Clarified Your Team NORMS? The most important part of your team culture is the norms that you establish early on in your team’s life-cycle. Follow Sean.

Sean provides for his team’s professional development by building stronger relationships, using activities to inspire personal awareness and ownership.


Rachel Blakely-GrayRachel Blakely-Gray of Patriot Software, LLC  gives us How to Build a High-performing Team: 6 Steps to Springboard You to Success.  Building a high-performing team takes dedication, patience, and a little guidance. Use these six tips to lay the groundwork for workplace success. Follow Rachel.



 Dr. Artika Tyner of Planting People Growing Justice Leadership shares the following quote that she has found helpful in building high-performance teams. Follow Artika.

Research from the Great Place to Work Research Team demonstrates that inclusive workplaces reap many benefits:

  •  A 2016 study found annual revenue gains of 24 percent higher for most inclusive workplaces than their peers (which lack a diverse workplace environment).
  • Companies with gender diversity were 15 percent more likely to outperform their peers with less diversity. 
  • Ethnically diverse companies were 35 percent more likely to outperform less diverse businesses. When racial gaps at work shrink, employees’ productivity, brand ambassadorship and retention rates (i.e. intent to stay) rise. Through intentional action, self-awareness, and tenacity, leaders can build a more inclusive workplace.

Leading a High-Performance Team

Tanveer Naseer of Tanveer Naseer Leadership gives us The Role Leaders Play in Developing Great Teams. Learn about the five measures leaders should implement to ensure their team achieves a successful outcome from their shared efforts. Follow Tanveer.


Eileen McDargh of The Energizer provides Three Tips for Creating Resilient Work Relationships—and It’s Not Money. Building a high-performance team is all about the relationships and not about the money or other perks. It’s about the relationships and how you build and maintain them. Follow Eileen.



Valerie Chua of Manila Recruitment provides How Employers Can Make Every Employee a Top Performer.  Being in a position of leadership requires the continuous empowerment of your employees to help them grow and become the best version of themselves. In reality, not everyone can be a top employee, so turning every employee into one is the key to creating a team that will help you achieve your company’s goals.  Follow Valerie.


Ken Downer of Rapid Start Leadership provides Following the Follower: 15 Ways to Lead Better by Following Better.  Most of us are both leaders and followers. An incident that happened while fighting forest fires some years back demonstrated the powerful fact that how we follow our leaders can have a huge impact on how others follow us. Want to build a stronger team? Start by being a better follower. Follow Ken.


David GrossmanDavid Grossman of The Grossman Group writes Recognition that Motivates: Three Must-Have Components.  Employee recognition can be a powerful tool that can enhance team performance and motivate employees to take their work to the next level. Recognition can take many forms, so start by asking yourself these four questions, and then get the three must-have components to make sure it resonates with your employees. Follow David.

Robyn McLeodRobyn McLeod of Thoughtful Leaders Blog asks, Who Knew There Was Such a Thing as Too Much Engagement? where you can see how, as a leader, you can ensure that you are not creating a climate for “engaged-exhaustion,” but instead creating a positive and productive work environment within your organization. Follow Robyn.

Thanks to all of our contributors.


Your turn

We would love to hear your ideas. What are you best practices for building a high-performance team?


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