What Keeps Leaders Up At Night: A Podcast Interview W/ Nicole Lipkin

What keeps you up at night? What separates your “good boss” days from your “bad boss days?”

I interviewed, Dr. Nicole Lipkin, author of What Keeps Leaders Up at Night as part of the Let’s Grow Leaders podcast series.

Nicole explores 3 challenges common leadership challenges that causes “good bosses” to become “bad bosses.”

Leaders derail when they’re:

  1. Too busy to win
  2. Too proud to see
  3. Too afraid to lose

If that sounds familar, listen to learn what to do about it.
What Keeps Leaders Up at Night Final

Watch the What Keeps Leaders Up at Night Trailor Here

Listen and comment. What keeps you up at night?
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Karin Hurt
Karin Hurt
Karin Hurt, is CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders and a former Verizon Wireless executive. Karin was named on Inc.’s list of 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference, the American Management Association List of 50 Leaders to Watch, and as a Trust Across America Top Thought Leader in Trust. She’s the award-winning author of two books, Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results— Without Losing Your Soul, and Overcoming an Imperfect Boss. She’s regularly featured in business publications including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

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Dave Bratcher   |   17 July 2013   |   Reply

The thing that keeps me up at night is not feeling like I accomplished everything I needed to today. Contentment with accomplishment is something I struggle with. How have you been able to turn it off (at night) and relax?

letsgrowleaders   |   17 July 2013   |   Reply

Dave, Me too. That’s the challenge with drive for accomplishment….that drive leads to great work but not always satisfaction. I don’t have this handled. I always feel there is more to do. Perhaps some others can share their thoughts?

Ali Anani (@alianani15)   |   17 July 2013   |   Reply

Karin- I suffer from these symptoms as well. I was in Luxembourg a while ago and I couldn’t sleep. I went to the lobby and started reading an in-house magazine. There was a recommendation. If your mind is busy and you can’t fall asleep take a warm cup of milk with one table spoon of honey. Stir the honey and drink the sweetened milk. I did. In five minutes I fell asleep. Not only that as a creative idea crossed my mind.
The formula
Calm your mind with a warm cup of milk + Honey