Leadership Training

We take pride in fully customizing leadership training programs to your meet your needs and be relevant to your organization.

Business Growth

Transformation Leadership Development Programs

Equip your frontline and middle level leaders with the practice and skills to achieve lasting results, increase employee engagement, and retain talent through a series of workshops that take place over 3-12 months and action-learning program featuring individual development plans.

Generally 10 - 20 participants complete the course together and build a shared vision that identifies the best practices for sustained peer support.

By connecting these leadership development lessons to your workplace, you transform behaviors and business results that last long after this intensive workshop.


“Karin and David serve as a vital strategic partner in our customer experience strategic planning and transformation efforts. The Winning Well approach is helping us to build the focus, accountability, and competence we need to provide a best-in-class customer experience in every interaction.”

-Megan Midura, VP, Human Resources, Star Gas

Let’s Grow Leaders Foundations Leadership Training

Participants praise their Winning Well experience

When you need your team operating on all cylinders, focused on what matters most, and with the skills to make it happen, Let’s Grow Leaders foundation leadership training workshops are the answer.

We will help your leaders, managers, and supervisors to:

  • Work with human nature, not against it, for better results and fewer headaches.
  • Energize, motivate, and keep employees focused on results.
  • Cultivate healthy, productive teams and increase employee engagement.
  • Save hours, days, even weeks of lost time.
  • Create a more fluid and situation-appropriate leadership culture.
  • Get the feedback you need to make the best decisions.
  • Build deeper trust and connection with your team.
  • Overcome workplace negativity.
  • Build a confident, competent, and energized workforce.

These practical, hands-on experiences of deep learning, leadership training, and application range from 1-3 days.

Program topics include:

  • Setting and Managing Clear Expectations
  • Leading Meetings That Get Results and People Want to Attend
  • Building Drama-Free Accountability
  • How to Solve the Right Problem Quickly
  • How to Delegate so Nothing Falls Through the Cracks
  • Get More Done in Less Time
  • Building Confidence and Momentum
  • Getting the Feedback You Need to Make the Best Business Decisions
  • Building Stronger Peer Relationships to Achieve Results and Advance Your Career
  • How to Have a Tough Conversation
  • Impactful Presentations
  • Becoming the Boss You Wish You Had: The Art of Influencing Your Boss


Operational Excellence Rallies

David Dye presenting at an operational excellence rally

You’ve got aggressive goals and pressure to dominate the metrics faster than seems humanly possible.

Layered on top of that, you’ve got several strategic initiatives at play. Your team is already working hard—you worry about their ability to sustain this pace. You need a focused execution plan you can implement right away, before you lose momentum or your people burn out (or both).


Winning Well Operational Excellence Rallies

Operational Excellence RalliesOur Winning Well Operational Excellence Rally provides you and your team with a highly effective and efficient forum to focus your efforts, cement commitment to critical teamwork behaviors, and take your team’s performance to the next level.

You will:

  • Identify the specific behaviors that will support your team to achieve your daily M.I.T.s (Most Important Things) and experience consistent breakthrough success.
  • Build a 60-day “confidence burst” execution strategy to trigger confidence and competence in practicing your key teamwork behaviors.
  • Own your team’s U.G.L.Y. by having candid conversations about what’s really undermining collaboration and teamwork.
  • Identify competency gaps and build concrete plans to improve individual and team performance.
  • Adopt easy-to-implement tools to streamline communications and keep your team focused on improving working relationships and deepening results.

We will work with you to custom-design a 1 or 2 day rally based on your team’s specific challenges and objectives. Coming out of your Winning Well Operational Excellence Rally, you and your team will feel energized, equipped, and ready to roll up your sleeves.

Achieve more than you believed humanly possible!


R.E.A.L. Career Foundations Workshop

Results | Energy | Accountability | Learning

Do you wish someone had given you a fast pass through the political missteps you made in your career? Do you wish you knew what you know now, then? Are generational conflicts frustrating your workforce?

In this highly-interactive career foundations workshop we work to develop fundamental communications and career skills to help individual contributors and newer managers succeed sooner. Highlights include:

  • The V.O.I.C.E. technique for positioning your ideas
  • Building powerful peer relationships and a network of trust
  • Accepting accountability and owning bad news
  • Words that weaken— and what to say instead
  • Building trust, up down and sideways
  • The R.O.I. of gratitude
  • Building a better relationship with your boss

We built this workshop in collaboration with one of our long-term clients whose CEO wanted us to “age the cheese” and accelerate the pipeline of employees ready for promotion. We were also invited by the Dean of the University of Maryland Business school to teach components of this workshop in their MBA orientation to accelerate preparation for successful internships. We’ll work with you to custom-design this program to specifically meet the needs of your team and the dynamics of your organization.


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