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Saturday Salutation: Spirited Warrior

Saturday Salutation: Spirited Warrior thumbnail

I first really met this spirited warrior, Matt on a (yoga) Mat. Our arms and spirits intertwined as we breathed through warrior poses. That was when I began to understand his powerful and joyful heart and spirit. Oh sure, we had been working together at church on our “Quest” before that, me as advisor and he as “Quester” trying to figure as much of “it” out as we could. “It” being what we believed

Following the Leader? Stop, Notice How It Makes You Feel thumbnail

There is much we can learn from following. We all find ourselves in positions to follow both great and horrible leaders from time to time. It helps to stop and really pay attention to how we feel during the process.

Pay Attention to Emotions

As leaders, we lead and follow with much intensity. Because we care, the range of emotions is powerful. When we are deeply invested, the wins are that much sweeter. At

The Most Important One: Tolstoy and Covey on Focus thumbnail

One of my son’s favorite books is The Three Questions (Based on a Story by Leo Tolstoy). The story takes a child-friendly adventure through Tolstoy’s famous questions: Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do? When is the best time to do things? The main idea– give all of your attention to the present scene and players, and do everything you can to contribute. The most