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How to Be a Talent Magnet

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Magnets have a powerful, yet invisible force of attraction. Talent magnets have a similiar impact as they attract and retain A players, who then attract more talent. Notice I didn’t entitle this article, How to Build a Talent Empire, which is much less subtle and far less effective. I’ve built a career based on attracting people way smarter than me to do the things I couldn’t possibly do. Liz

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The same mentor that jokingly told me, “always follow an idiot” also smiled and said, “and always leave an idiot as your successor.” I’ve seen it go both ways. It’s painful to watch your team’s hard work unravel. For the last week, we’ve been talking about Building Results that Last Beyond Your Tenure, including, Building a Strong Vision, Establishing the Right

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He trembled a bit as he approached the microphone. His thoughts crystalized into a profound truth. Just a statement. He had no ask. He didn’t elaborate on such talents. He sat down. I felt tears well up for this man about whom I knew so little. Sure his story is complex. Whose story isn’t?

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little

Saturday Salutations: Dream Gates

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It had been a long night. The plane was delayed and delayed some more. The awaiting passengers were tired and the ground crew was weary of answering questions and rerouting. The rest of the airport was dark, we were the last gate in action. Finally the door opened and we were “ready to board.” Then the gate attendant got on the microphone with the energy and excitement of an announcer at Camden Yards