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The Performance Potential Matrix Demystified: 5 Behaviors Keeping You Out of Box 9 thumbnail

You know your boss is headed into the talent review meeting. You’ve updated your resume, had the heart-to-heart, and said your prayers. And then… the response, “It went fine… just keep up the good work… oh, and be patient.” If that’s ever happened to you, it’s probably because of a “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” type oath amongst the execs having

Are You Letting Your Team Outgrow Their Past? thumbnail

Most leaders mature (and yes, that’s me on the right). And yet, often when someone has been with the company for a long time, it’s their old image that sticks. Be sure you’re helping your team outgrow their past. I’ve seen too many companies go “in search of” the ideal candidate, hire them, and then find they had the right guy all along (after the first one didn’t work out)

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Action Learning Projects thumbnail

Done well, action learning projects are one of the very best forms of leadership development. A great action learning program (ALP) has tremendous benefits: New ideas from fresh perspectives Real work gets done Learning is contextual It doesn’t feel like training Participants must manage through complex situations and team dynamics Terrific opportunity to showcase talent to the executive team Safe testing

Talent Reviews: What They’re Saying Behind Closed Doors thumbnail

The talent you count on as central to your brand could rub people the wrong way. What you do well, may not do you well. After two decades participating in talent reviews, I’ve noticed a pattern. The talents candidates count on as central to their brand, are often talked about negatively when assessing their readiness for promotion. Be aware of what decision makers may be saying about you. Your strengths may be

The Secret Behind the 9 Box Performance Potential Grid thumbnail

Do you know where you stand in your organization’s succession plan?

“Our cultural instinct is to wait to get picked…No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself.”
~Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

Most organizations use a deliberate approach like the 9 box Performance Potential Grid (great tool, for more visit Dan

4 Ways To Ensure Your Successor’s Success thumbnail

The same mentor that jokingly told me, “always follow an idiot” also smiled and said, “and always leave an idiot as your successor.” I’ve seen it go both ways. It’s painful to watch your team’s hard work unravel. For the last week, we’ve been talking about Building Results that Last Beyond Your Tenure, including, Building a Strong Vision, Establishing the Right

How To Build Results That Last Beyond Your Tenure thumbnail

  I’ve heard all of the following phrases and many more like them uttered over the years.

“I can’t take a vacation, every time I do the whole place falls apart.” “I had that organization running so well, and then she took over what a mess” “Well, she was the lynch pin that held that whole place together, now that she’s moved on I am

Get Noticed: Start By Building a Strong N.E.S.T. thumbnail

These are all phrases I’ve heard used in succession planning and other discussions over the years. The tragedy is that the folks being described in these conversations work extremely hard, have fantastic results, and are highly committed to the company. The trouble is, they are working too hard to get noticed.

“She’s more focused on her career than the

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