The Big Problem with Little White Lies

When’s the last time you sat in a meeting and heard a “little white lie”?

Sure, what they presented was “technically” the truth. The statistics they presented were real, but no one walked away with the full story. Perhaps you found yourself wondering “do they really think I’m that stupid?”

“White lies introduce others of a darker complexion.”
~William Paley

We all have different triggers and thresholds. I’ve come to learn that my white lie-detector is set to quick frustration. I go from skeptical to spitting teeth in a matter of seconds.

I suspect I’m not alone.

Little white lies come in many forms

  • spin
  • strategic ambiguity
  • manipulated data
  • left out facts
  • embellished stories
  • hedging
  • broken promises
  • covering our butts
  • ?

Little white lies can…

  • be easy
  • get you out of jam
  • buy you time
  • shift blame
  • destroy your relationships
  • derail your career

If you tell a little lie, we question…

  • where did these numbers come from?
  • did you tell me the truth last time?
  • what else do i need to dig into?
  • what aren’t you telling me?
  • are you for real?
  • do you have my back?
  • should I work with you again?
  • can I trust you?
  • ?

Great Leaders Don’t BS

It takes courage to…

  • Admit when we’ve screwed up
  • Share the whole truth
  • Lift up problems
  • Tell the whole story
  • ?

Ask Yourself These Truths…

  • When you present do “they” know you are sharing the whole view?
  • Would they work with you again?

Please comment: Is there a place for “little white lies” in business?
Does it always pay to tell the truth?