What Makes Leaders Different?

Leaders don’t fail because of skills. Mark Miller, author of The Heart of Leadership, explains that most leadership failures are a matter of heart. I asked Mark for his advice for leaders working to grow other leaders: How do we help aspiring leaders to develop heart-based qualities?

A lot of it comes down to mentoring suggests Mark:

“Listen a lot. Work to understand their goals, aspirations and troubles. Never set the agenda, let it come from them even if it doesn’t feel practical.”

He also shares the most important characteristic is encouraging them to think about others first. “Until they’ve mastered that, none of the other important leadership characteristics can be fully developed.”

The Heart of Leadership is an easy-to-read story of a growing leader, supported by mentors and insights along the way. He explores what makes leaders “different” than other good people with integrity and other strong characteristics. He talks about leaders having HEART.


H – Hunger for Wisdom (leaders are on a constant quest to know more)

E – Expect the Best (leaders are optimistic, and have high expectations of themselves and others)

A – Accept Responsibility (leaders own the result of their team’s actions)

R – Respond with Courage (leaders say, do, and act with integrity, even when it’s difficult)

T – Think Others First (leaders serve others, and put other’s needs first)

“Most men and women who struggle with leadership have issues of the heart.” Help leaders dig deeper and explore those areas.

What Do You Think Makes Leaders Different?

And now for some LGL community fun. Mark has generously given me 20 copies of the Heart of Leadership to share with the LGL Community. I’ll send a free copy to the first 20 commenters who share their perspective.

What Makes Leaders Different?

You can read the first chapter for free by clicking here. You can also find the Heart of Leadership on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere.