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5 Secrets To Effective Decision Making

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“Laura,” a senior exec working to build leadership throughout her team, looked up from her salad and confided.

“Karin, the truth is I have so many things going on in any given day, I may not remember the exact decision I made if it was a trivial matter, and I may not even remember exactly what I said about something important. But what I DO KNOW is what I WOULD HAVE SAID in any given

Advice on Advice

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What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Ever given? What advice do you wish you had ignored? What guidance do you wish you could retract?

“Advice is like snow; the softer it falls the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it seeks into the mind.”>
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I recently met Raul

Empowerment Run Amok: How One Bad Decision Leads To Another thumbnail

You believe in servant leadership. Empowerment is your middle name. Results are strong. The team is happy. And then. Someone makes a really bad decision. The consequences are big. Your boss is not happy. How could YOU let that happen? Why weren’t YOU more involved? And you begin to wonder about the person who made the poor choice. Why did he make such a bad decision? Didn’t he understand the potential

The Power of Yes

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“Yes-let’s said Tigger, bouncing a little, even though he had no idea what was to be begun. He liked to be asked to do things, and he liked to be asked to do them first, and he always said “yes,” because it is much more interesting when you do.” -David Benedictus, Return to the Hundred Acre Wood As leaders (or community members, parents, friends), deciding where to spend our physical