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There are surprisingly few tools and discussion forums available on leadership for kids. I continue to get requests through my various social media forums. I am not an expert, but I see grown-ups showing up with gaps and blind spots that could have been nurtured earlier. What if we could start talking about leadership sooner in the game?

Welcome to the Padawan Picnic. For the next several Saturdays, I will host a series for and about developing leadership skills in children. I will gauge interest through your comments and participation, and we can decide together if this is a topic for a regular Saturday series.

My intention is to serve as host to spark conversation. I also welcome guest posts from those of you working on this every day through your parenting, home schooling, and community activities. Let’s work together to grow leadership in our children.

Some Starting Points

  • Best children’s books to talk about leadership skills (with discussion questions)
  • Guest posts from kids and youth on their leadership journey
  • Guest posts from grown-ups working to develop leadership in kids
  • Collections of best thinking and tools

Please comment and let me know your interest in this, what topics would be most valuable? Please also contact me if you are interested in a guest post.

If this is not your scene, please join me during the week for our regular grown-up leadership fare. I would appreciate you passing this along to others who may be interested in reading or sharing.




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Karin Hurt
Karin Hurt
Karin Hurt, is CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders and a former Verizon Wireless executive. Karin was named on Inc.’s list of 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference, the American Management Association List of 50 Leaders to Watch, and as a Trust Across America Top Thought Leader in Trust. She’s the award-winning author of two books, Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results— Without Losing Your Soul, and Overcoming an Imperfect Boss. She’s regularly featured in business publications including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

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cabinetdoork   |   27 October 2012   |   Reply

Love this idea! Don’t we all wish someone would have poured into us these skills earlier? My favorite “Leadership” book for children : “The Boy Who Changed the World” – Andy Andrews It’s really about significance and service, but isn’t that real leadership?
Have a great weekend!

letsgrowleaders   |   27 October 2012   |   Reply

Jeremy, thanks so much. i have not heard of that book, but am excited to check it out. We are headed to the library this afternoon.

Justine Nupp   |   29 October 2012   |   Reply

Great for years I have posted on several topics to build good foundations for kids education to guide and develop little leaders. Books, presentation skills, cognitive thinking and much more.

letsgrowleaders   |   29 October 2012   |   Reply

Thanks so much, Justine. I checked out your site and it is great!

cgegelman   |   30 October 2012   |   Reply

Karin, I love the title of this post, and the idea behind it! I am not a mother, however, I am always inspired by parents who are very intentional and invest in their children. THANK YOU for doing what you do and for sharing it!

Erin Schreyer did a 30-day Peaceful Project with her kids this summer that was equally inspiring to read about.