Saturday Salutation: How She Began

August 25, 2012 — 1 Comment
suninhands2 100x150 Saturday Salutation:  How She Began

Saturday Salutation

My day began well.  I met a fantastic woman at a call center recognition event.  She shared this great story… which I humbly share with you.

Everyone kept telling me that I needed to be more confident, to be the expert for our customers.  But the problem was I just wasn’t feeling confident. And…I didn’t think of myself as an expert.

And then one day, my team leader gave me an opportunity to re-record my opening greeting. I decided this was my big chance to sound absolutely energetic, confident, and convey my expertise.  I recorded it again and again until it sounded just right.

And then a miraculous thing happened. The customers heard that greeting .  They began to greet me with comments like, “wow you sure sound cheerful for so early in the morning.” Or, “I am glad that I got the expert, I should be in good hands.” Well, after that I just had to stay cheerful, and began feeling more confident.  And you know what, I had to be an expert. Turns out, I am one.

After thousands of calls, only once have I had a customer respond to this in a negative way. My customers are getting a great experience because I know I can deliver it.

And now, here I am.

Please share your thoughts and stories…

How can we encourage those around us to begin well?

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